Who we are?

How Zipping is different from other courier services.

Zipping is right for me?

What is fuel surcharge?

What are COD charges? Is COD available on all pincodes?

What should I do, once I get an online order?

Which all courier services are available and which all pincodes are serviceable?

Does Zipping provides Air and Surface courier services as well?

Is there a minimum volume commitment for Zipping?

Is my shipment insured? What is ROV?

Create your account?

Rate Estimate and Booking.

How are the rates Estimate arrived?

Do I need to Paste and Labels?

Do I Need to Enter the Correct Dimension and Weight details?

Can I Edit and/or correct or add parcels to my order?

How to place an order for multiple parcels with different address for pickup and delivery?

Who will pack parcel and Who will print label?

Who will pick up my Parcels?

At what time, parcels would be collected at the pickup address?

At what time, my parcels would be delivered at the delivery address?

What happens if no one is available in person @ pick up address or delivery address when the collection or delivery service has arrived?

Can I get the Pickup and/or Delivery at an alternate address?

What happens if no one turns up at the Pickup or delivery of my parcels?

Are the shipping labels printed in courier company’s format?

Do I need to submit any forms/documents for inter-state movement of packages?

How do I track my Orders?

What if I have not used or pasted the label provided over the order confirmation email?

Why is my tracking numbers not showing any details?

Can I share my tracking details?

What happens if END customer wants to return the product?

Will I be informed about my parcel being returned?

What happens if customer refuses to accept the product in COD order?

How payments collected?

Payment went through but booking failed?

In how many days will I get my COD payment?